At Rungta International School, teaching and learning are of utmost importance. Teaching is central to the functioning of the school, with all other functions including administration augmenting it. Teaching at Rungta International School offers great opportunities in the field of international education.

Performance Appraisal

The system of periodic work review and constructive self-appraisal helps develop professionalism and a positive attitude among teachers towards feedback and self improvement aligned towards their professional goals set annually.

Professional Development

Teaching faculty at Rungta International School will participate in continuous professional development workshops - in-house, face-to-face, online - conducted internally by expert IB practitioners available in the school and as well by IB workshop leaders.

Teacher profile

Rungta International School requires outstanding, enthusiastic and passionate teachers who engage the student learning meaningfully and can bring out the best in students. Below is a list of requirements for applicants and a list of preferred qualities.


  • Certification as a teacher from an official certifying authority
  • An appropriate degree or degrees for subject specialists
  • Teaching experience in the required subject area
  • Solid references from the candidate’s immediate supervisors
  • Good health
  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • Commitment, enthusiasm and preparedness to learn


  • Prior experience in an international school
  • Teaching experience in the relevant International Baccalaureate Programmes
  • Teaching experience in the required subject area
  • Cross cultural sensitivity and an international mindset

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