Higher Education Placement

Career Counselling and Guidance Program

“Research suggests that high-quality career counselling services can have long-term desirable effects on a child’s overall well-being leading to an accomplished professional and personal life, as it is based on his inherent qualities along with taking an informed decision. It can keep a student mentally and emotionally healthy preventing him /her from turning to violence, drug or alcohol abuse. High-quality school career counselling services can also give the much needed focus early on thus improving his/her academic achievements.”(U.S. Department of Education, 2002)

Our Career guidance Philosophy

We at RIS believe that to get the best possible results for our students we need to move past the conventional ways of teaching and start giving students practical assistance. A planned approach on matters of utmost importance such as stream selection and college selection will go a long way in students life guiding his/her success.Students and parents alike are riddled with anxiety when they have to make these important life changing decisions. Expert guidance will help relieve a good portion of these anxieties.

Higher Education Placement

Ultimately, college advisors are what students need most to be successful. To highlight, the urgent requirement for career counsellor’s recent stats show a whopping 92% of students who don't get any career-related guidance from their schools made bad career choices leading to lifelong struggle. Decisions made in High School often make or break a student's career/ life. The main objective of the RISCareer Counselling Program is to reach out; to share and assist the student, teacher and parent community.

At RIS student gets help with:

1. Career Guidance for Stream selection and later on College Selection Deadlines for associated tests and applications
2. Indian and International college options Scholarships and funding options
3. Psychometric tests and stream selector tests Interactions with universities expert and counsellors
4. Career Counselling starts early (from grade 8 onwards) Counselling Strategy and Intervention Planning
5. Focused Training SAT / PSAT / JEE MAINS / JEE Advanced etc. Predicted grades
6. Assistance / Guidance to write college applications Collating transcripts of their work
7. Recommendations Formal certificates from IB
8. Migration formalities support and paperwork Repetitive individual sessions for career counselling,throughout 8 th , 9 th , 10 th 11 th and 12 th Grade.
9. Individual student file. Information Sharing on student related issues
10. Regular Forums and Campaigns Student’s mental / emotional well-being along with confidence build up and personality development.
11. Class wise session on a monthly basis Regular individual and group counselling sessions

The approach to RIS career counselling is quite structured. Students at RIS are assisted by a career counsellor in consultation with their parents and teachers in making informed choices.From choice of curricula to subject choices and admission requirements, students are advised and counselled on the course of action for further studies. The department is also bringing the facilities for coaching for SAT, PSAT. RIS is fully committed towards ensuring appropriate and accomplished placements in prestigious colleges all over the world for RIS students.

The school career counsellor’s role in realizing student potential for healthy growth is focused on the three broad areas of academic, career and personal / social development. This is the core of the content for the RIS Comprehensive School Counselling Program, K–12.

Academic development includes acquiring skills, attitudes and knowledge that contribute to effective learning in school; employing strategies to achieve success in school; and understanding the relationship of academics to the world of work, and to life at home and inthe community. Academic goals support the premise that all students should meet or exceedthe local, state and national / International goals.

Career development goals guide the school counselling program to provide the foundation for the acquisition of skills, attitudes and knowledge that enable students to make a successful transition from school to the world of work and from job to job across the life span. Career development goals and competencies ensure that students develop career goals as a result of their participation in a comprehensive plan of career awareness, exploration and preparation activities.

Personal / social development goals guide the school counselling program to provide the foundation for personal and social growth as students’ progress through school and into adulthood. Personal/social development contributes to academic and career success by helping students understand and respect themselves and others, acquire effective interpersonal skills, understand safety and survival skills and develop into contributing members of society.

A Quick Look:

Activities: Activities conducted by experts in school gives student exposure and clarity on matters pertinent to their career and college choices helping them make informed decisions in this regard.

Student Choices: Knowing student’s course and country preference plays a vital role in helping each student get unique support. Witness the nature and variety of our student’s interests.

Placement Records: Admission details of student who gets laces in top colleges and universities or into colleges that offers unique courses for their specific needs.

Career Calendar: Gives an insight for all the activities planned for the year. The calendar sends alerts so students, teachers and parents can prepare in advance for all the events and important tests etc.

University Placements

The university placement programme at Rungta International School (RIS) is all set to make an impressive track record, as graduating students have received offers from prestigious universities worldwide.

Students are guided and counselled on matters concerning higher education by an in-house career counsellor. This is supplemented by conduct of on-campus information sessions, visit to university fairs, and workshops and exhibitions by visiting universities. One-on- one consultation sessions are facilitated by the career counsellor to provide necessary support to students with their university research and application process.

Students at RIS have an option of pursuing the IB Diploma Programme  / IB course Certificate or CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) in Classes 11 and 12. The holistic education approach at RIS enables students to gain maximum exposure through various learning opportunities provided by the school, which in turn strengthens and distinguishes their university applications.

Glimpses of assistance offered with some of the streams:

1. Cloud Computing Statistical Analyst
2. Data Mining User Interface Design
3. Algorithm design Web Designing
4. Content Writer Translator
5. Micro biologist Biotechnologist
6. Biochemists Forensic scientists
7. Immunologist Agriculture Engineering
8. Ceramic Engineering Earthquake Engineering
9. Marine/Ocean Engineering Paper Engineering
10. Plastic Engineering Fashion Photography
11. Social Media Marketing Makeup Artist
12. Emcee Fashion Designing
13. Voice Over Artist Interpreter
14. DJ/RJ/ Fashion Journalist
15. Fashion Advertising Internships
16. Corporate lawyers Public Interest Advocacy
17. Academia – Law Legal Analyst
18. Negotiator /Mediator /Arbitrators Performing Arts

List of Universities offering such varied courses / Diplomas:

United States of America United Kingdom
1. Carnegie Mellon University Imperial College of London
2. Cornell University Keele University
3. Georgia Tech, Atlanta University of Hull
4. Illinois Institute of Technology University of Manchester
5. Indiana University University of New Castle
6. John Hopkins University University of Sheffield
7. Michigan State University University of Oxford
8. Ohio State University University of York
9. Penn State University Warwick, UK
10. Purdue University
11. Rice University
12. University of California, Berkeley
13. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
14. University of Kansas
15. University of Texas, Austin
Canada Australia
1. McGill University Australian National University
2. Memorial University Monash University
3. The University of British Columbia (Vancouver) University of Melbourne
4. Toronto University
Singapore India
1. Nanyang Technological University Indian Institute of Technology (IITs)
2. National University of Singapore Indian Institute of Management, Indore
3. Singapore Institute of Management Indian Institute of Space Technology
4. Singapore Management University Manipal University
5. SP Jain Institute of Management National Institute of Technology (NITs)
Delhi University
Mumbai and Pune Universities

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