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Exhibition- KIDPRENEUR

Learning is worthwhile only if we can apply it in the real world! Primary students of RIS demonstrated their learning to parents, seniors and other members of their learning community; by the means of an exhibition- KIDPRENEUR. This event helped students take an action towards raising donations for a noble cause. Catch a few glimpses of the event here.

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International Day of Older Persons Celebration

Elder citizens of Sanjeevani old age home were invited on 'International Day of Older Persons Celebration' at Rungta International School run by Santosh Rungta Group. These senior citizens with full of energy surprised the children on one side with their presentations, while also proving that age is just a number. The event was organized with the inspiration of group chairman Santosh Rungta. The event was organized under the guidance of Dr Jawahar Surisetti, the director of the school and under the direction of the principal of the school, Bhartan Shah. The event aimed to bring together three generations. These elders, who were living their lives in Sanjeevani old age home, did not complain about anything. A discussion on the increasing trend of people towards mobile phones and its impact on social life and mental health was taken up with the elders on this occasion.

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White Day Celebration

White is an inherently positive colour and is associated with peace, innocence, softness With the objective of recapitulate and reinforce the effect of white colour, learners of EYP celebrated White Day with some fun activities.

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